Artist Bio

Arcseconds is Mike Verdone, originally from Canada but living and working in Berlin, Germany for the last eight years. As Arcseconds, he seeks to bring meditative experiences to listeners on the topic of the relationship between humans and the natural world.

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Arcseconds II

Digital and limited edition cassette, 2018

Promotional video:

People in the Mood (as Corporation Limited)

Digital, 2017

Acid Tape

Digital, 2015


Digital and limited edition cassette, 2013

What's Your Astrological Sign?/Money

Digital, 2012

Arcseconds / Sundrips

Split C40 on Planet of the Tapes, 2011

Promotional video by Moduli TV


With Post Post IDM

Post Post IDM was/is Arcseconds, Noiseflowr, and Lokey

Convolution 1

Digital, 2010

Self Help Yourself EP

Digital, 2010

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Post Post IDM

Digital and limited edition cassette, 2009

As Mike Verdone

Low Bit Rave

Digital, 2007