Arcseconds - Annotated Discography

This is a mostly-complete discography of the Arcseconds music project, and some earlier stuff that led up to it. It's sorted chronologically, newest stuff first.

Release Type Year
Autumn 20 Single 2020
Arcseconds II Album 2018
People in the Mood (as Corporation Limited) EP 2017
Acid Tape EP 2015
Arcseconds Album 2013
What's Your Astrological Sign?/Money Single 2012
Arcseconds/Sundrips Split EP / Split Cassette 2010
With Post Post IDM
Convolution 1 EP 2010
Self Help Yourself EP 2010
C-Sides EP 2009
Post Post IDM EP 2009
As Mike Verdone
Low Bit Rave Album 2007

Autumn 20

Single. Digital, 2020.

Arcseconds II

Album. Digital and limited edition cassette, 2018.

I developed a custom looping setup for live performance, and performed using it every Sunday morning for an audience of usually one person. I edited segments from these performances to form this album. The loops were sampled from my collection of strange cassette tapes, and from drones generated by a Korg Minilogue.

People in the Mood (as Corporation Limited)

EP. Digital, 2017.

An attempt at the vaporwave genre, produced in six days using almost exclusively samples from the K-Mart tape collection and digital effects.

Drone Day 2016 Performance

Preformance recording. Digital, 2016.

A recording of a live performance for Drone Day 2016. Made using a custom computer looping setup, Korg Minilogue, and a collection of strange cassette tapes.

Acid Tape

EP. Digital, 2015.

A bunch of acid techno tracks with polyrhythms. Performed "DAW-less" with an Elektron Analog 4 and Samplr for iPad, recorded directly onto the crappiest cassette tapes I could find.


Album. Digital and limited edition cassette, 2013.

I allowed myself to get a lot more experimental with my compositions on this one. I spent long sleepless nights listening to shortwave radio transmissions, recording them onto cassette tapes. I had a Cheetah MS-6 and a Mutable Instruments Shruthi which I used a lot. Both of those synths broke later.

What's Your Astrological Sign?/Money

Single. Digital, 2012.

Arcseconds / Sundrips Split

Split C40 cassette on Planet of the Tapes, 2011.

Out of nowhere my friend Jesse messaged me and asked if I wanted to get on a split tape he was producing with the Montreal synth drone whatever band Sundrips. The limited edition tape sold well, with orders sent as far as Japan.

Produced mostly with a Roland MC-202 and Ableton. I think also the Roland TR-707 drum machine is a real one on some tracks, but sampled on others.

Earlier Work with Post Post IDM

Post Post IDM was a group made up of Arcseconds, Noiseflowr, and Lokey.

Convolution 1

EP. Digital, 2010.

Self Help Yourself

EP. Digital, 2010.


EP. Digital, 2009.

Post Post IDM

Album. Digital and limited edition cassette, 2009.

The Post Post IDM crew had a long jam session that we recorded on a portable digital recorder. The level was way too hot and the recording was totally distorted. Noiseflowr took the trashed recording and degraded it further with filters and effects. We accidentally produced this brutal noise tape.

Earlier Work as Mike Verdone

Low Bit Rave

Album. Digital, 2007.

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